SatShare Cable

Radical interfaces to multiparameter monitors via SatShare®

Radical interfaces to multiparameter monitors via SatShare®

  • SatShare® replaces the conventional pulse oximetry in existing validated monitors with Masimo SET®.
  • Nearly 100 patient monitors have been validated for SatShare.
  • Connects into the host monitor's oximeter input connector, requiring no expensive computer interface.
  • Integrates Masimo SET® accurate pulse oximetry into the patient record with other monitored vital signs.
  • Facilitates standardization on one oximeter throughout the department or hospital.
  • Facilitates economical sensor standardization, with the new performance standard.


Masimo - SatShare - Validated Monitors

Follow the link for a list of validated monitors

Masimo - SatShare - Whitepaper

Follow the link for the SatShare Whitepaper



Interface the Radical to the existing oximetry input connector of a validated multiparameter monitors with the unique SatShare interface cable

Universal Flexport

Interface the Radical to Spacelabs multiparameter patient monitors

VueLink Interface Module

Interface the Radical to Philips / Agilent / HP multiparameter patient monitors